Enjoy Mushrooms as their Royal Best

Enjoy Mushrooms as their Royal Best – Jai Ho Indian Restaurant

A fungi that is widely consumed and relished, mushrooms are fungal bodies that are fleshy and nutritious. While there are numerous types of mushrooms, the ones that are edible are non-poisonous and offer health benefits that have made it such a loved dish. Certain kinds of mushrooms are also specifically used by people practicing medicine for medicinal purposes. The mushrooms available in the market for consumptions are specially chosen from where are cultivated, making them fit for consumption on a regular basis as part of ones meal.

Health Benefits Of Using Turmeric In Your Everyday Diet

Most Indian foods use a combination of several spices in their recipes. Turmeric is one of the most important elements when it comes to Indian cuisine. This particular spice is not only used for its vibrant yellow tone but is also used for its mind-blowing health benefits. Coming to its taste, turmeric has a very earthy flavour to it. Turmeric is used regularly in all Indian households. Having incredible medicinal values, turmeric can be rightly called as a key ingredient too. Additionally, one does not need to add large portions of turmeric to a recipe for gaining its […]

Health Benefits of Using Coriander in your Daily Diet

¬†Indian cuisine involves a variety of ingredients. The mind-blowing flavours in any Indian dish are a combination of spices. Well, apart from the condiments and spices, garnishing is also an important aspect when it comes to creating delicacies. The most common thing used for garnishing is coriander. Almost all Indian curries and rice preparations are garnished with chopped coriander leaves. Coriander leaves are also called cilantro. Fresh coriander leaves are not only healthy but they also have an interesting green colour which helps in garnishing. Moreover, the unique flavour of the coriander leaves does not dominate the dish […]

Essential Food Items That Make Indian Food Undeniable

How many times have you heard people around you praise the goodness of Indian food? And yet, most of us find it absolutely unsurprising. With the kind of spices and ingredients used to make the dishes, eating at an Indian restaurant in Melbourne is an experience worth having.

While most spices and condiments are vital to Indian foods, there are a few ingredients that tend to make food taste even better. With just a dash of the ingredients mentioned below, food at an Indian restaurant is bound to be the best you have ever had:

Coconut […]