Spice up your Aloo Tikki Chaats with Chutney, Yogurt, Chole and More!

A popular snack item served in most Indian restaurants, aloo tikkis are a preparation made using boiled potatoes, peas, and spices. Served in a number of ways, here is how you can make the most of this delicious food item!

Accompaniments to eat it with: 

Aloo tikkis are best served with accompaniments that bring out the tastes and flavours the best way possible. Here are some commonly served companions to delectable aloo tikkis:

Mint chutney

Spicy and refreshing, chutney made using mint together with aloo tikki is a perfect blend of tastes. With aloo tikki offering […]

Benefits of Using Paneer in your Diet

Paneer known as Indian cottage cheese is an extremely popular ingredient in Indian cuisine. Most cooking enthusiasts prefer Paneer in their dishes because of its versatile nature. Paneer tastes well with almost every curry and is also scrumptious in other forms such as kebabs, rolls, patties, etc. Well, apart from the stated, Paneer also has some amazing nutritional benefits. Inculcating Paneer in your daily diet can have some incredible health benefits. The most interesting thing about this particular cottage cheese is that you can also consume it raw!

Take a look at the benefits of using Paneer […]

The Secret behind the Traditional Indian Ice-cream

A frozen dessert made using dairy, kulfi is popularly known around the world as the Indian ice-cream. While it can commonly be found in India, this confectionery has also found fans in every continent around the world with Indian restaurants finding base in every country. Much similar to the ice-cream relished with equal delight, the kulfi is creamier and denser and take a longer time to melt.

The Origin of the Dish

Originating in India during the Mughal reign, this delectable dish got popular with time when its unique taste got recognised. While sweet dishes made […]

Some Indian Desserts that Make All Your Celebrations Complete

Nobody can resist the temptation of having desserts even though they are regarded as sinful. In India, no festival or celebration is complete without the quintessential Indian sweets. You simply cannot undermine the role of desserts in giving a mind-blowing end to even an ordinary meal. Indians have a huge fascination for sweets. Desserts are an integral part of the staple fare in India. You could enjoy some delicious Indian desserts at one of the best Indian restaurants in Australia.

Sweets are even offered to Gods and Goddesses in the temples and places of worship. One can […]

Pick the Perfect Restaurant to Host Your Event

Everyone has a favourite restaurant, for so many different reasons- the food, the ambience, the staff, live music, great prices and so on. It can be quite easy to overlook the non-culinary aspects of a restaurant when you are searching for one, but the truth is they play a big role in your final opinion about the place. Different restaurants have different things going for them that you will need to consider when hosting various types of events, as each event requires a very specific vibe.

Business Meetings

You can get a lot done over a […]

Indian Restaurants: Secrets behind Their Success Revealed

Today Indian restaurants are opening in all corners of the world thanks to the increase in demand for authentic Indian food. There are many such restaurants serving authentic Indian delicacies in different cities of Australia. Food enthusiasts are forever looking for innovative dishes and they love to explore the new options. Since the last few years, Indian cuisine has been gaining a lot of traction in the culinary world and Indian restaurants in different parts of the world are doing a flourishing business. Particularly, in various cities in Australia, Indian restaurants are becoming increasingly popular and are frequented […]

What Are the Advantages of Getting Your Party Catered by a Restaurant?

Food plays an important role in the success of any party. Your guests must go back happy and fulfilled. Feeding your guests as per their expectations should be your aim. If you hire the experts in the industry, your party planning anxiety and stress would go down and the occasion would be truly enjoyable and memorable. Most people opt for full-fledged catering companies, however, they fail to realize that some of the renowned restaurants would be offering catering services too and they would do the work with highest degree of professionalism and perfection. You could choose one of […]

How to Enjoy Frequent Visits to the Restaurant without Worrying About Your Weight

Way back in the 80s eating in a restaurant was certainly a special occasion. We would then eat out if someone was celebrating a holiday, a birthday or some other special achievement or event. However, today eating out is not a big deal. We visit restaurants frequently even when we have no reason or special occasion to celebrate. Today most of us are in the habit of eating restaurant food almost every day.

Today you eat out during the lunch break and you are in the habit of picking up take-out dinner thrice or even more number […]

What Makes a Mind-Blowing Indian Curry?

One thing that has made Indian cuisine famous all over the world is the quintessential Indian curry. However, a lot of culinary expertise, experience, and knowledge go into the making of a delectable curry that would leave you asking for more. The authentic Indian spices and the fresh ingredients go a long way in making the Indian curry stand out from the rest. Use of the right ingredients and the right methods would result in an incredibly tasty Indian curry that would be just right for complementing your meals. Visit one of the reputed Indian restaurants in Hawthorn […]

The Famous Chaats of India that You Simply Cannot Resist

Indian cuisine is increasingly becoming popular all over the world. Numerous entrepreneurs have made use of the opportunities available abroad and have established Indian restaurants everywhere across the globe including in countries such as Australia, The USA, and Canada. For decades now, Indian food has been travelling far and wide. It is not only available at many international destinations but the delectable Indian dishes are also a hot favourite with the natives.

Indian cuisine is actually gaining momentum as numerous international chefs are reinventing popular Indian delicacies for catering to the taste buds of a much broader […]