Jai Ho Richmond Team

Sunil Abbott

Sunil developed his love for food in his early years. He would watch his family welcome guests at their home in Punjab and drew his inspiration of serving his customers from there.

Hard work and commitment to offer quality food is Sunil’s mantra for success. Sunil says ‘We represent the Indian community and culture so I will continue to pass on the same values to my future generation’.

Saurabh Abbott

Saurabh aims at applying the literal meaning of Jai Ho (victory shall be yours) by ensuring our food and service exceed the expectations of our patrons. ‘When our guests are fully satisfied that is victory in my eyes’ – Saurabh. He believes that being in the world’s most livable city with its inimitable multi culture gives us the best opportunity to exhibit our culinary expertise.

Sunita Abbott

Sunita is our head chef and hails from the land of beauty and abundance, Jammu & Kashmir. She carries a legacy of over 40 years in the art of cooking. Sunita incorporates traditional Kashmiri spices and herbs in our dishes, giving them a distinct flavor and making them stand out in our menu.

Chef Jai Ho Richmond
Jai Ho Family Richmond