Indian Staple Food & Health Facts

Indian food is delicious, rich in texture and it pampers your taste buds like never before. Indian food when cooked consciously using healthy cooking methods and minimal oil could be one of the most nutritious and healthiest cuisines. You could try out the tasty and healthy Indian food in one of the good Indian restaurants in Melbourne. Here are some of the staple Indian food and let us explore how healthy they are in reality.

Roti: Generally roti is made from wheat flour. Chefs are coming up with healthier recipes. Rotis should ideally contain a wonderful mix […]

Some Important Tips to Follow for a Grand Restaurant Wedding Reception

Indians are known for the big fat weddings. Indian weddings are full of pomp and show, irrespective of which part of the globe they are settled in. Choosing the best venue for your wedding reception could be a challenging affair as you have been dreaming of your most special day in a fabulous setting. You would certainly not compromise or settle for anything less than the best. Obviously, you would want all your loved ones to be comfortable and really happy with your choice of venue and the arrangements for the reception. If you are thinking of a […]

Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Indian Cuisine

Indian food is relished by people all over the world, because it is packed with oodles of taste, energy, and most importantly, love. No other food could match the taste and flavours of Indian delicacies. There is quite a difference between the flavours of Indian cuisine and international cuisine. India boasts of an impressive spice palette and there is a wide variety of Indian cuisine that sets it apart from the rest.

Today practically, in every country across the globe you would be finding an Indian restaurant or any restaurant serving Indian cuisine. Indian food is loved […]

Why Banquet Halls in Established Restaurants Are the Best Venue for Your Special Events?

Indians are known to have a rich cultural background and they love to celebrate festivals and special occasions with a lot of pomp, merriment, and fervour. No matter which part of the globe Indians are, they would be celebrating diverse festivals and events throughout the year. Banquet halls of reputed restaurants are the best venues to organize your wedding reception, party, birthday party, engagement bash, anniversaries and all other special occasions in your life.

You may have a number of options relating to venues for your special occasion but a banquet hall seems to be your best […]