Some Authentic Indian Spices for Healthy Food

Did you know that the amazing taste of the rich exotic Indian dishes is because of the authentic Indian herbs and spices that go into their making? Many of these spices and herbs are used not only for enhancing the taste of the Indian delicacies but also because they are known to offer many health benefits. Visit Indian restaurants worldwide and enjoy the authentic Indian delicacies that are sure to leave you asking for more. Here are some of the regular Indian spices that help in boosting the health quotient of Indian delicacies.


Turmeric is […]

Why Do People Prefer a Restaurant Wedding?

As a restaurant is a place where you traditionally go for celebrating a milestone or a special occasion, it really would be making sense to celebrate the most special day of your life at a restaurant. Today many people think of a restaurant wedding. Melbourne is quite a gourmet’s paradise, so an Indian wedding reception at a reputed restaurant, bistro or café, is surely the tastiest way of customizing your most special day. However, you need to do ample research before choosing the best restaurant in town for your wedding reception.

You must chalk out a list […]

What Makes You Come Back to a Restaurant?

There are certain qualities that help in distinguishing an excellent restaurant from an ordinary one. Such attributes would be helpful in keeping a restaurant’s tables always filled with happy and fully satisfied clients. You would be going back again and again to a restaurant if it demonstrates some of the qualities discussed below. These qualities assure consistent profits and repeat business for any restaurant. If you are wondering how to choose from the restaurants in South Yarra, you could keep these factors in mind while making the choice.

Mouth-Watering Food

Even though delicious food may not […]

Advantages of Having Your Birthday Party in a Restaurant

Having your birthday party at a reputed restaurant in Richmond could be a very good idea. Most party planners would be agreeing that if you organize your birthday party at a restaurant, there would be numerous advantages. A restaurant has the perfect ambiance and décor for celebrating any joyous occasion with your friends, and family. Catering would be easy and professional and often the restaurants would be having a bar for fulfilling the requirements of the guests. You would not require looking for professional waiting staff as the restaurant would be having its own waiting team whose service […]