Learn More about Indian Cuisine

Food is certainly one of the fundamental necessities of man. However, while food is consumed by many for survival, there are others who cannot think beyond food because of their deep love, bonding, and obsession with food. You may go to any Indian restaurant anywhere in the world including Narre Warren and you would be amazed to see the great variety and high quality of food that is being served for those people who enjoy having the best food.

How did the Indian food become so popular across the globe?

Indian cuisine has become popular worldwide […]

Explore the Mind-Blowing World of Tandoori Cuisine

If there is one cuisine that is much-loved and appreciated universally, it is none other than the famous Tandoori Cuisine. Tandoori delicacies are often the most frequently ordered items in many reputed Indian restaurants worldwide. These dishes are gaining, even more, popularity in this era of fitness freaks who believe in consuming only oil-free healthy food and who would stay away from any sort of deep-fried snacks or starters or rich spicy curries. Come to the best Indian restaurant based in Dandenong for delicious and healthy tandoori fare.

What Do You Understand by Tandoori Cuisine?

Tandoori […]

The Secret behind the Authentic Indian Garam Masala Revealed

Garam Masala is an authentic spice mix that is used in Indian cuisine to take regular dishes to a whole new level. Contrary to what many people believe, garam masala is not really a standard spice mix. It is also not a standalone spice either. The constituents and proportion of the garam masala may keep varying from region to region and sometimes from one household to another. Some families have special garam masala recipe that has been passed on for generations and is undoubtedly a closely-guarded secret. If you wish to enjoy the garam masala in your culinary […]