How to Pick the Perfect Caterer for an Event

One of the most important parts of any business event, gathering, or party is the catering. You must treat your guests well, and feeding them should be right at the top of your priority list. You should, hence, take some time out to hire the perfect caterer and ensure the stress of planning arguably the biggest aspect of the event is taken off your shoulders and the event is a roaring success.

You shouldn’t limit yourself to specialist companies who have made a name in full-service catering. Instead, keep an open mind and see what options are […]

Discover More about Authentic Indian Herbs & Spices

Indian cuisine is gaining a lot of traction and more and more people are keen to know more about Indian cuisine and the herbs and spices that go into the making of some of the most favourite Indian dishes. Discover some of the closely guarded secrets of Indian cuisine. Enjoy authentic and innovative Indian delicacies at the most trusted and well-known Indian restaurant in Melbourne, serving amazing Indian food. Here are some of the trade secrets of the Indian culinary industry revealed to us by some of the Industry’s best chefs.

Is Garlic Used in Indian Food? […]

Some Indian Desserts that Make All Your Celebrations Complete

Nobody can resist the temptation of having desserts even though they are regarded as sinful. In India, no festival or celebration is complete without the quintessential Indian sweets. You simply cannot undermine the role of desserts in giving a mind-blowing end to even an ordinary meal. Indians have a huge fascination for sweets. Desserts are an integral part of the staple fare in India. You could enjoy some delicious Indian desserts at one of the best Indian restaurants in Australia.

Sweets are even offered to Gods and Goddesses in the temples and places of worship. One can […]

Pick the Perfect Restaurant to Host Your Event

Everyone has a favourite restaurant, for so many different reasons- the food, the ambience, the staff, live music, great prices and so on. It can be quite easy to overlook the non-culinary aspects of a restaurant when you are searching for one, but the truth is they play a big role in your final opinion about the place. Different restaurants have different things going for them that you will need to consider when hosting various types of events, as each event requires a very specific vibe.

Business Meetings

You can get a lot done over a […]

Unlock the Mysteries behind Indian Cuisine

Indian curries are celebrated globally and considered a quintessential component of any Indian meal. Head over to any Indian restaurant in Berwick and you will be able to find a variety of incredible curries.

What actually is a curry?

A term coined by British colonists, “curry” refers to Indian savoury dishes which have vegetables, meat, poultry, or fish and are seasoned with a variety of spices. Spices are a specialty in Indian cuisine and you are always likely to come across a new spice mix in every curry that adds a whole new dimension to its […]

Indian Restaurants: Secrets behind Their Success Revealed

Today Indian restaurants are opening in all corners of the world thanks to the increase in demand for authentic Indian food. There are many such restaurants serving authentic Indian delicacies in different cities of Australia. Food enthusiasts are forever looking for innovative dishes and they love to explore the new options. Since the last few years, Indian cuisine has been gaining a lot of traction in the culinary world and Indian restaurants in different parts of the world are doing a flourishing business. Particularly, in various cities in Australia, Indian restaurants are becoming increasingly popular and are frequented […]