Some Indian Spices for Adding Flavours to Your Hot Favourite Indian Curries

The striking feature of Indian cuisine is the wide use of several authentic Indian spices. Spices are regarded as the heartbeat or the real essence of Indian cuisine. The spices are not at all used for making the delicious curries fiery hot and spicy but to add subtle and distinctive flavours to Indian dishes. Spices make dishes delicious, aromatic, and distinct. Enjoy the flavours of India and a fine dining experience at the best Indian restaurant based in Melbourne.

Each spice is known to impart a distinctive flavour but when they are used in combination with other […]

The Incredible Health Benefits of Yogurt as an Ingredient of Several Indian Delicacies

The yogurt-based raita, the lassi, the dahi vadas, or the dahi puchkas are all yummy and some of the most popular dishes of Indian cuisine.  The yogurt dip is a wonderful low-fat alternative to the tartar sauce or the mayonnaise. Yogurt is also used while cooking several Indian exotic curries. It could be a low-fat replacement for coconut milk or fresh cream in various delectable Indian curries. Moreover, all mouth-watering Tandoori dishes & kebabs are at first, marinated in hung yogurt. You would find all these scrumptious dishes in any reputed restaurants based in Hawthorn and serving Indian […]