Choosing the Right Indian Restaurant to Dine In

If you love the Indian experience of dining, your certainly need a list of good Indian restaurants in South Yarra that you can visit when the craving sets in. And with how popular authentic Indian food has been throughout the world lately, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more than a dozen restaurants and shacks claiming to serve good Indian cuisine. But before you settle for one, ask yourselves these questions – Does the ambience scream authentic Indian? Does the place give off an Indian vibe or feel? Are the hosts warm and welcoming? Because […]

Foods that are a Must at Every Indian Wedding Banquet

Ever been to an Indian wedding that wasn’t lavish or had a tiny queue at the buffet table? Of course not! One of the things a wedding in remembered for the most is the food served at the occasion. Irrespective of who does the cooking, it is eventually the wedding party that is commended or reprimanded about their choice of caterer. Jai Ho is a restaurant that has been sought after at every Indian wedding in Melbourne, and for good reason!

Here are all of the food items that are must-haves at Indian weddings, and […]

Indian Breads’ Spread and Their Making

Indian food has won hearts everywhere not only for their unique and distinct taste but also the preparation and all the fascination it holds. One of the most interesting food items within the Indian cuisine is the making of all of the Indian breads. Eaten with gravy, these breads have a different method of making which holds the key to its delicious taste as well. Some of these Indian breads are sought after in most Indian restaurants by people looking for Indian catering in Melbourne for their events.

Here are some of these breads that make food […]

Essential Food Items That Make Indian Food Undeniable

How many times have you heard people around you praise the goodness of Indian food? And yet, most of us find it absolutely unsurprising. With the kind of spices and ingredients used to make the dishes, eating at an Indian restaurant in Melbourne is an experience worth having.

While most spices and condiments are vital to Indian foods, there are a few ingredients that tend to make food taste even better. With just a dash of the ingredients mentioned below, food at an Indian restaurant is bound to be the best you have ever had:

Coconut […]