Wonderful Benefits Of Eating Channa Masala

Most of the times people prefer to have curries which have nutritional ingredients. North Indian food is one food family which is both rich in taste and beneficial for the health. There are several ingredients in this cuisine which can help the body in a positive way. One of the most popular North Indian dishes is Punjabi Channa Masala. This particular preparation is usually eaten for meals along with Indian bread. You can get this mind-blowing curry in all the Indian restaurants in Hawthorn. For those who are not aware of its ingredients, Channa Masala is primarily made […]

Coconut-based Dishes Which Will Impress Your Foodie Soul

Every Indian dish is known for its peculiar flavour. In order to bring newness to a particular dish, several more ingredients are added. Coconut is one of the most interesting ingredients in Indian cuisine. Widely used in South Indian dishes, coconut has created a special space in the world of curries and seafood too. Due to its unique taste and flexible texture, coconut can be effortlessly added to any preparation. Since ancient times, coconut is used in Indian cooking because of its health benefits. In several dishes, coconut is deliberately added to increase its nutritional value. Well, there […]

Cocktails Best Served at your Favourite Indian Restaurant

Love cocktails as much as we love serving them? If you have dined with Jai Ho before, you would certainly know it as the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne. And if you have missed out on having the cocktails we serve to accompany your meal, here’s something to show you what you’ve been missing out on:


A blend of lemon juice and a dash of Cointreau and tequila, Margaritas are best served chilled. Filling up the tumbler with ice and the mixture of all of these components, we make sure your margarita reaches you at […]

Awesome Health Benefits Of Drinking Lassi!

Sweets form a very important part of the Indian cuisine. Every Indian meal has at least one element which is sweet be it in the form of a drink or a dessert. Though this diverse food palette is famous for its use of spices and condiments, it is also known for its sweet-centric foods. Many well-known drinks of this cuisine are a blend of sweet and salt. Moreover, apart from being water-based, several drinks are also milk-based. One of the most interesting drinks of Indian food is lassi. You can get this creamy drink at several restaurants in […]