Chaat Dishes for People Who Love Potatoes!

Most Indian dishes are known for their rich taste and heavy ingredients. Apart from the popular curries and Indian breads, Indian food also has a category of snacks called chaat. Starters in Indian cuisine are not to be confused with chaat preparations. Chaat dishes mainly consist of spices and chutneys. Starters are quite heavy on the tummy because they are made up of ingredients like cottage cheese, mushrooms, cheese, etc. In India, chaat dishes are served at food stalls and are eaten at any time of the day. Light on the stomach and savoury by all […]

Indo-Chinese Foods To Try If You Love Chillies

Authentic Chinese cuisine has certainly taken a back seat with the introduction of Indo-Chinese preparations. Indo-Chinese cuisine has carved a special place for itself on the global front. A perfect amalgamation of Indian spices and Chinese food, Indo-Chinese now has an identity of its own. This particular cuisine is unique in terms of use of spices, addition of gravy to various preparations, addition of new ingredients, etc. Indo-Chinese preparations have some peculiar characteristics and one of them is the pre-dominant spicy taste. Filled with too many flavours, most Indo-Chinese dishes are a combination of various Chinese sauces and Indian spices. […]