Some authentic Indian Spices Used in Tandoori Cuisine

Tandoori cuisine is known for its amazing taste and distinctive flavours. It is popular worldwide thanks to its incredible aromas. Tandoori chicken is surely the hot favourite dish of all Indians across the world. Indian cuisine in general boasts of authentic spices and hence, the mind-blowing flavours. Some of the common spices that are responsible for the authentic taste and flavour of Tandoori cuisine are discussed here.


There are two kinds of cardamom that are used in Tandoori cuisine: Black and green cardamom. Green is used for commonly and you would find it in almost […]

Some Popular Tandoori Dishes You Should Try

Tandoori cuisine is pretty popular worldwide. Food cooked or roasted in a clay oven called tandoor, is referred to as Tandoori food. If you wish to try out delicious Tandoori delicacies, you must visit a reputed Indian restaurant that specializes in Tandoori cuisine. Some of the most popular Tandoori dishes include the juicy and absolutely succulent Tandoori Chicken, the creamy reshmi or malai kebabs, the boneless sheek kebabs, the yummy fish tikkas, the amazing paneer tikkas, the fluffy naan and Tandoori roti.

The advantages of Tandoor cooked food is that you would be getting the awesome char-grilled […]