Kebabs for All Seasons

Kebabs were first served and became popular in Moghul courts. Today it has become one of the most popular and frequently ordered items in any Indian restaurant across the world including the renowned Indian restaurant Springvale. Kebabs are usually enjoyed as starters and are served with delicious dips and lip-smacking green mint and coriander chutneys. Kebabs are mostly made from minced meat that gets the authentic taste from mild desi spices. Lamb is usually used for making kebabs but you could get various kinds of kebabs including kebabs made from chicken, goat’s meat, fish and other kinds of […]

Some Popular Indian Drinks that Leave You Asking for More

Summer in India is almost unbearable due to the scorching sun and excessive humidity. The stifling heat is really killing. People find respite from the unbearable heat by staying indoors and relaxing whenever possible and drinking lots of fluids. Here are some summer special drinks and beverages which are great for tackling the stifling heat in India.

India is a splendid blend of rich traditions and cultures and every culture boasts its own speciality. This speciality could be noticed in their food and drinking habits. The different states of India come up with their own specialty food, […]

Some North Indian/ Punjabi Dishes That Are Popular Worldwide

Though Indian restaurants abroad are used to presenting their delectable delicacies as part of nationalized cuisine, the fact remains that Indian food is as regionally diverse and specific as its population. Perhaps the most popular and prevalent Indian food abroad is the North Indian or Punjabi cuisine that demonstrates a really strong Mughal influence. North Indian cuisine is chiefly characterised by the tremendous use of dairy products such as paneer, yogurt, ghee, and milk. Tandoors or clay ovens are popular and they instil the distinctive charcoal flavour to dishes like Tandoori rotis, naan, Tandoori Chicken, kebabs and many […]