Taste Indian Food to Experience a Ravishing Impact on Your Taste Buds

Indian food is undoubtedly one of the tastiest and healthiest in the world. With the right ingredients in perfect proportion, Indian dishes can create a mind-blowing effect on the taste buds of the person eating them. Owing to the geographical variation and the presence of a vast culture, India is a melting pot of various food cultures. If you are a food buff, who loves to gorge Indian food, visiting Indian restaurants is surely a habit. This habit becomes all the more pronounced if you are residing outside the country.

It’s Not That Spicy

Even though […]

Why Do People Love to Go to Restaurants?

Going to restaurants is supposed to be one of the most loved activities worldwide. Everyone would love to visit his or her favourite restaurant every now and then. Food aficionados enjoy exploring new restaurants. Going to a restaurant could be a great family outing and everyone loves to spend quality time with friends and family at a restaurant, eating good food amidst a warm and friendly ambiance. Generally, people love to go back to a restaurant again and again because of the food, the service, the aesthetic ambiance and of course, the x-factor which could be from chefs […]

Indian Restaurants Use Top Indian Spices: Not Just for Flavours

Often people are truly intimidated to see the wide variety of spices that go into Indian cooking. Both ground and whole spices are often blended into complicated spice mixes to create the authentic and distinctive Indian aroma. Most spices other than nutmeg are actually dry roasted for releasing the essential oils just before grinding them into complex spice mixes. Most Indian restaurants in South Yarra would be using these spices to add flavours to their dishes and for health benefits.


Turmeric or haldi is immensely beneficial and is frequently used in curries and spice mixes. […]

Attributes to Look for While Choosing a Catering Service

It is essential to choose a food catering service that not only offers amazing food but also takes care of all the other numerous details involved in making your event a grand success. The catering company should undoubtedly have a competent team of chefs who would be conjuring up innovative and mind-blowing dishes. In addition to that, the service should also be spot-on. The waiting staff should be immaculate and polite in their behaviour. Your guests should go back impressed and with everlasting memories. Here are some of the things you should look for before deciding on the […]