The Spices that Make Indian Cuisine So Delicious

Indian food is popular all over the world because it is aromatic, flavoursome and spicy. Indian classical spices give a distinctive taste to Indian food that surely pampers your taste buds. Most Indian spices are actually dry roasted first so that the essential oils are released before the whole spices are ground into authentic Indian spice mixes. In Indian cuisine, there is a profuse use of flowers, roots, leaves, seeds, barks and even bulbs in endless combinations to infuse distinctive and exotic flavours.  Indian spices are also known for offering significant health benefits. Here are some commonly used […]

Benefits of Choosing Catering for Your Business Meetings

Business meetings are very important as they are conducted predominantly for exploring key aspects of an organization’s business operations. Business meetings could take a lot of time and there is often an arrangement for meals such as breakfast, lunch and also dinner if the meeting is supposed to last until late evening. Lengthy meetings could end up losing members if the preparation and service of food are not up to the mark. Many a time, people consider leaving the meeting abruptly if the food and the catering hospitality fall short of expectations in terms of quality. Do not […]

Most Popular Chicken Dishes from Indian Cuisine

Spicy and tasty chicken delicacies are supposed to be the best in Indian cuisine that could be enjoyed by everyone across the globe. Indian chicken dishes have distinctive flavours and there is a conventional way of preparing these traditional Indian chicken dishes using desi spices such as garam masala, Hing or asafoetida etc. Indian chicken dishes such as Tandoori Chicken, Chicken 65, Chicken Masala, and Chicken Reshmi Kebabs are some of the most popular chicken dishes that are loved by food aficionados worldwide. Here are some of the mouth-watering hot favourite Indian chicken delicacies. Restaurants in South Yarra […]