4 Major differences between fine dining and casual dining

There are two essential factors which the majority of the customers look for while choosing a restaurant: ambience and price. These elements are also the key differentiators between casual dining and fine dining experiences. It is important to understand what you and your family require at that current moment.

In this blog, we would discuss what are those factors which differentiate fine dining with casual dining:


The ambience that you look for in a fine dining Indian restaurant is different from that of a casual one. Elegance and class are the main influential parts […]

Cocktails Best Served at your Favourite Indian Restaurant

Love cocktails as much as we love serving them? If you have dined with Jai Ho before, you would certainly know it as the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne. And if you have missed out on having the cocktails we serve to accompany your meal, here’s something to show you what you’ve been missing out on:


A blend of lemon juice and a dash of Cointreau and tequila, Margaritas are best served chilled. Filling up the tumbler with ice and the mixture of all of these components, we make sure your margarita reaches you at […]

Some Indian Spices for Adding Flavours to Your Hot Favourite Indian Curries

The striking feature of Indian cuisine is the wide use of several authentic Indian spices. Spices are regarded as the heartbeat or the real essence of Indian cuisine. The spices are not at all used for making the delicious curries fiery hot and spicy but to add subtle and distinctive flavours to Indian dishes. Spices make dishes delicious, aromatic, and distinct. Enjoy the flavours of India and a fine dining experience at the best Indian restaurant based in Melbourne.

Each spice is known to impart a distinctive flavour but when they are used in combination with other […]