Choose the Best Caterer for Your Celebration

Hosting an event of any scale is always a huge responsibility; every single aspect is time-consuming and must be planned and executed meticulously. In such an event, you must hire a reliable caterer to take the burden of managing all food-related concerns off your shoulders. It is rather hard to find a good caterer in a saturated market, but with a little effort, you should get there in no time. If you are in Melbourne, you could contact your favourite Indian restaurant for catering services.

How to Find the Caterer that Is Right for You

The first step […]

Indians and Their Intense Passion for Food

 Indians are truly passionate about their food and they always treat their cuisine with incredible seriousness. Cooking food is regarded as a creative art and cooking techniques and recipes are handed down from generation to generation in Indian families. Young girls are encouraged to master culinary skills from very early in life. Indian restaurants are always teeming with guests, which is again a sign that Indians love to eat and enjoy having authentic Indian food irrespective of wherever they are.

Most Indian delicacies are rooted traditionally to one’s identity and culture and they differ from state to […]

Irresistible Indian Dishes

The most famous thing about India is its delicious cuisine. Indian food is extremely popular worldwide especially, in Australia, thanks to its delicious taste, amazing flavours, authentic spices and a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Here are some of the most popular and favourite Indian dishes that should be tried out by everyone as there is no chance of you not loving them. India is a land of cultural diversity. You could get a reflection of its diversity in its cuisine.


Biryani is a famous and widely popular […]