A Tale of Spices: The Secret Behind the Incredible Flavours of Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is praised in the culinary world not only for its blend of flavours or its exotic techniques or the vivid colours it uses, but it is increasingly gaining recognition for its intrinsic benefits demonstrated in clinical and biological trials. The traditional Indian cuisine usesa proper balance of spices and fresh vegetables which increases the nutritional value of the food.

Sampling food from different places is like peeping into their culture and customs, hence, it is always worthwhile to spare a couple of minutes to dig a little deeper and know all about the ingredients. In […]

The Benefits of Adding Basmati Rice to your Diet

Rice has been a staple in Indian cuisine for centuries. From being used in meals to dessert preparations, there are a number of ways that the grain is utilised in food items. Among the many types, Basmati rice has been one that is loved the most, owing to its richness in quality as well as nutrition. Mentioned below are all the benefits to adding Basmati rice to your diet:

Rich in vitamins

Lack of vitamins in the body can take a toll on one’s health. The right diet makes up for the lack by providing all the nutrition […]