Food & Catering Facts Relating to Indian Weddings

The most important thing in Indian weddings is food. You would come back from a wedding reception and the first question you would encounter from people who have missed the party is, how was the wedding food? The quantities of food that is arranged and prepared in a single wedding party are sufficient to feed an entire army. The sole objective of the hosts is to ensure that the guests go back fully satisfied and happy with the amazing variety, quantity, and quality of the food served during the party. So you can fully understand that food plays […]

Why Do People Prefer a Restaurant Wedding?

As a restaurant is a place where you traditionally go for celebrating a milestone or a special occasion, it really would be making sense to celebrate the most special day of your life at a restaurant. Today many people think of a restaurant wedding. Melbourne is quite a gourmet’s paradise, so an Indian wedding reception at a reputed restaurant, bistro or café, is surely the tastiest way of customizing your most special day. However, you need to do ample research before choosing the best restaurant in town for your wedding reception.

You must chalk out a list […]