Coconut-based Dishes Which Will Impress Your Foodie Soul

Every Indian dish is known for its peculiar flavour. In order to bring newness to a particular dish, several more ingredients are added. Coconut is one of the most interesting ingredients in Indian cuisine. Widely used in South Indian dishes, coconut has created a special space in the world of curries and seafood too. Due to its unique taste and flexible texture, coconut can be effortlessly added to any preparation. Since ancient times, coconut is used in Indian cooking because of its health benefits. In several dishes, coconut is deliberately added to increase its nutritional value. Well, there […]

All You Need To Know About Tea And It’s Health Benefits

For most people, their mornings begin with a refreshing cup of tea. This particular beverage has admirers all over the world. Tea is a simple beverage made with tea leaves and boiling water. A small portion of milk and sugar is also added to enhance the taste. Tea was originated in China but has become the second most consumed drink after water all over the world. Well, these days there are many types of tea too. Apart from being aromatic, tea also has many health benefits. Almost every fine dining restaurant in Werribee has a serving of tea […]

Indian Street Food: A Culinary Experience with a Difference

Indian street food adds a whole new chapter to Indian cuisine. The wide variety of Indian street food is known for its authenticity, its unique taste, and incredible variety. Indians are hardcore foodies and they have a special fascination for street food that is available at all times and is a great concept for catching some food on the go. Moreover, street food is quite pocket-friendly and is a delight to both the college-going youngsters and their parents alike. Nothing could beat the variety, taste, quality, and price of street food.

Nowadays, reputed restaurants are serving some […]