Why Do People Eat at Restaurants?

Restaurants are always abuzz with visitors. During the weekends, particularly, people love to go out and enjoy their favourite food in their most frequented restaurants. Everyone loves to chill out in a restaurant with their friends and family and try out mouth-watering dishes from a plethora of cuisines. Restaurants in South Yarra are always running packed houses. So what are the reasons for going to restaurants and eating out? There could be different reasons why different people eat out in a restaurant. Some of the most common reasons are discussed below.

To Celebrate Special Occasions

No celebration is […]

Top 6 Indian Dishes in Restaurants Abroad

Indian cuisine is eaten and loved tremendously all over the world. Indian cuisine has grown steadily in popularity in Australia since the 1960s, which is around when Australians started travelling to and from India. There are over 500,000 Indians in the Australian mainland, which makes them the fourth-largest immigrant population there. This is yet another reason for the increased availability and popularity of Indian food.

Colourful, passionate and intense, Indian food epitomizes the things every Aussie loves. Recent surveys have shown that Aussies are aware of and appreciate food from several areas in India, be it the […]