5 Health Benefits Of Eating Indian Food

It is a myth that Indian food served across various Indian restaurants is often greasy and unhealthy. However, this is just another version of Indian fast food. But when you happen to see proper authentic Indian food cooking, you will be surprised. It is full of exotic flavours and ingredients that are best for your health.

Let us see the 3 health benefits that Indian food has to offer us:


It is essential to have an intake of five fruits and vegetables every day in your diet. But everyone struggles to achieve that portion. Whereas with […]

Popularity of Indian food across the globe

An Indian restaurant can be found in any part of the word that offers Indian cuisine to the patrons. There are several reasons to support that Indian cuisine has some influence everywhere. Likewise, there are many Indian restaurants in Dandenong who are happily satisfying the taste buds of consumers.

Simple and Nutritious

Indian food is the easiest to cook. It is been misunderstood that Indian recipes are difficult but that does not stand true. Indian food is simple and can be cooked by anyone with the help of cookbooks or TV shows. With these simple recipes, the nutritional […]

Do You Think You Can Eat All of These Amazing Dishes in a Wedding?

Weddings, in Indian tradition, are no less than a grand royal affair. From food to décor to attire, everything has to be very spectacular and majestic. But, let’s not get distracted, we are here to talk about the amazingly delicious and aromatic food that is served by Indian wedding catering in Melbourne.

Of the banquets that are a trend today, Indian food is undoubtedly at the top of the ranking. Dishes such as Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Tandoori or delicious Samosas and Kebabs will leave all your guests with an unforgettable gastronomical experience.

Usually, a traditional […]