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Melbourne is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines and there is a growing love for Indian food. Jai Ho is a family friendly restaurant located in Hoppers Crossing which is a hub for the Indian community. Jai Ho offers authentic tandoori cuisine and has won awards for Melbourne’s Best Indian Restaurant.

What Client Say About Us

“I have been going to Jai Ho in Richmond after each Melbourne Storm game with Roh, MJ & Imti for about 3 years now. The best Indian food ever & the best service too. We have often thought of having a meal elseware….But we are drawn to Jai Ho like a magnet every time. Very special.”

Ray Draper

“Thank you guys for organizing our daughter’s birthday so wonderfully.. it’s such a good memory for our lifetime.. we really appreciate your effort and food was so delicious.. all our guests appreciated a lot.. Thanks “

Payal Kaushik

Indian Restaurant in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne

What makes Indian cuisine so distinctive? Perhaps it’s a blend of the rich spices and herbs used in different sets of dishes.  A unique style always stands apart and that is what makes Indian cuisine so popular abroad. The different flavors of the Indian cuisine makes it more appealing. Widely sought by food-lovers the world over, be it the growing set of foreigners or Indians abroad, Indian food has found a niche in this global village. This has led to a series of Indian restaurants opening shop the world over to meet the growing demand for Indian food. Appreciated for their creativity and skills, Indian chefs are in demand. The number of new Indian restaurants opening is on the rise.

Melbourne being a cultural hub has a lot of demand for authentic Indian cuisine. We were inspired to open an Indian restaurant in Hoppers Crossing to become a part of Melbourne’s culinary offerings and add to its rich multi-cultural cuisine heritage.  Being a part of the top Indian restaurants in Hoppers Crossing, we are here to meet the people’s demand for Indian cuisine as made in India.

Jai Ho Indian Restaurant is a place where traditional recipes are prepared in a contemporary style. Our chef and team take special care to prepare Indian food to suit the taste palate of each of our guests. Our team ensures that our guests experience the cultural phenomenon of Indian food while providing the best fine dining experience at our restaurant in Hoppers Crossing. Our Indian food menu at Hoppers Crossing is designed to feed a curiosity for experiencing Indian dishes that are drawn from the best cooking traditions of North, South, East and West India, featuring the finest desi gourmet recipes.

Bestowed with the award for the best restaurant in Hoppers Crossing for Indian cuisine, we promise you a memorable experience. The desi gourmet presented at one of our restaurant show case a mastery of flavors, textures and presentation of Indian cuisine by our chef Gautam and his team. Gautam’s biggest passion has been cooking and Jai Ho Indian Restaurant has been the perfect way to channelize this love into creative and appetizing dishes. He has over 10 years’ experience working with the most premium hotels in Melbourne. Gautama’s inspiration came from his mother’s cooking. Along with his crew, Gautam uses his mother’s recipes and complements them with a contemporary touch to tantalize your taste buds at our Indian restaurants in Hoppers Crossing.  To give our customers a feel of dining in India, we have incorporated an Indian fine dining ambience at our restaurant.If you are in or around Hoppers Crossing, do drop by our Indian restaurant to enjoy a beautiful meal combined with an extraordinary dining experience!

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